and our (hopefully useful) answers to them.

How do I place an order with you?

The nature of our products is such that almost all orders are personalised to each customer's individual requirements and so the details need a bit of discussion to make sure we get it right first time.

The easiest way we've found is for you to contact Lynne either through our Facebook page or by email to start the conversation and take it from there.

What is the process for ordering stationery?

OK: short answer - we have created a simple flow-chart diagram that explains the basic process. Click here to see a copy of it.

For the long answer, read on.......

Once you contact us, we will have a brief (usually online) discussion about what it is you’re looking for. Based on our discussions, we will then normally produce prototypes of each type of stationery you are looking to order, photograph them and send the photos to you for you to consider. We may ask you to pay an amount up-front to cover the cost of our time and materials to make each prototype. Sometimes the prototyping process will go through a few iterations until you are happy with the overall look of each product.

If you just want generic samples of our products to handle and look at, we can send these to you. We will ask you to pay for any samples we send to you but if you subsequently go on to purchase 20 or more units of each sample product, we will refund you the cost of the sample of each product type in your final order invoice.

For all but the smallest volume orders, once you are happy with the prototypes of the personalised stationery we have created to your specification, we will draft a contract document and send two copies to you along with proof copies of each type of product in your order. We send proof copies to you because product textures and colours are notoriously difficult to gauge accurately simply by looking at a picture. We do not supply proof copies of one-off items such as Table Plans but we will send you detailed photos.

Once you are completely happy with the proofs (or photos), we ask you to sign and return one copy of the contract document and pay for your order in full. Once we receive the signed copy of the contract and full payment, we will begin production of your order.

It is important to understand that once you sign the contract we will charge you for any subsequent changes or alterations to the order. Also, once the contract is signed, we will not refund you any money if you then decide to cancel your order.

We do, of course, have a procedure for handling genuine disputes where you feel that the final order we deliver has not matched the quality or accuracy of the proof copies you accepted as part of our contract. In all circumstances your statutory rights are unaffected.

How do I pay for my order?

Our preferred method for all orders is by direct bank transfer to our business bank account. We will provide our bank sort code and account number for you to do this.

We are also happy to accept payment through Paypal and we understand that some customers prefer to do this for the additional consumer protections this method provides. Purchases through our Etsy shop are handled by that site and they offer a number of conventional ways to pay - we don't see any of your payment details through Etsy.

For customers local to us, who may wish to collect their order directly from us or have agreed for us to deliver to them personally, we will accept cash. Please do NOT send cash through the mail system.

Do you supply DIY customers?

Yes, we are always happy to supply blank invitations and other products to customers who are doing some D.I.Y. and making their own stationery. Just get in touch and let us know what you are looking for.

Can you match my colour scheme?

Ah, colour matching. Not, perhaps, as easy as you might imagine.

We are often asked to match, for example, ribbon colours for invitations to the colours of bridesmaids’ dresses. This is perfectly reasonable and we DO do it but we always make it clear to customers that deciding the suitability of the colour of anything – a ribbon, card or whatever – based only on a photo is risky.

We much prefer that you request a sample of the product from us first – or – send us a sample of the dress material so that colour matching is done with the naked eye in natural light. Colour matching using photos or digital media is notoriously difficult. To illustrate this, look at the same photo on your smartphone, tablet and desktop computer and you will see noticeable differences in the way the colour is rendered on each device.

Even print-industry professionals need specially calibrated equipment to ensure colour matching is correct. Just like buying paint for your kitchen, colours of the same ribbon or card can vary slightly from batch to batch. We are happy to attempt colour matching but hope you understand if our approach is cautious and professional.

Can I order products through your Etsy shop?

For some of our more straightforward products like dedication poems and champagne glass vinyl stickers, yes, you can order directly though Etsy.

For invitations and similar stationery, however, we usually need lots of detailed information to allow us to personalise each item in your order. Also, we strongly recommend (with the obvious exception of one-off products like Table Plans) that you always receive actual, physical proof copies to check things like colours, spelling, venue details, times, etc are exactly as you want them before giving us the go-ahead to begin production of your order. Some customers are happy to receive a series of photos rather than the actual proof copies.

Usually, we will send you a contract document along with any proof copies (or photos) we supply for approval and ask you to sign and return one copy of it to confirm you are happy with the proofs and we can then start production.

Can I have samples of your products?

Unless we’ve run out of stock, we’ll be very happy to send samples of our products to you. We will charge you for each sample we send but if you subsequently order 20 or more units of each sample, we will refund the cost of the sample of that product in your final invoice.

Do you charge VAT?

Currently, Cherry Tree Card Company does not require to register for VAT according to HMRC tax regulations and so we do not charge VAT on our products and services.

Do you supply customers outside the UK?

Yes, we do but please keep in mind that certain local taxes or import duties may apply to your order and will be payable in addition to the price you pay us. Customers are responsible for paying any local taxes or duties in full to the relevant local authorities or courier service.

We should add that, following the end of the transition period for the UK leaving the Single Market and Customs Union with the European Union, there is still some uncertainty about delivery times and costs associated with deliveries to EU countries. We will do all we can to minimise delays and costs to any customers in the EU or Northern Ireland.

Are your prices negotiable?

The prices we display on our Etsy shop are for the production and supply of ONE item of each product. Given the nature of most of our products, our customers don’t usually order only one item (unless it’s as a sample) and so orders for multiples of a product may attract a discount – don’t be afraid to ask!

We will always be happy to discuss how we can work within your budget.

We often have special offers available and we will post details of these on this website and on social media.

How many invitations should I order?

Hmm…tricky one this.

We know from experience that guest lists can be fairly dynamic; they can change appreciably for reasons completely outside your control between the time of ordering your stationery and actually sending the invitations out to your guests.

Of course, you can always order additional stationery from us in another order – BUT – this can be risky. Ordering additional invitations in this way is usually OK but if we are particularly busy or we need to order-in additional materials, there may not be enough time to produce the additional invitations before, say, your original RSVP date. 

Also, we have a fairly constant stream of orders underway and we’re certain that most customers would be upset if we told them we’d delayed completion of their order so we could expedite an additional order from a previous customer who needed additional invitations in a hurry.

So, taking all of that into account, we would recommend that you always order a few extra invitations above and beyond the number suggested by your guest list at the time you place your order. How many extra is really up to you. We know this sounds like we’re just trying to create additional income for our business but we genuinely stand by our recommendation as the safest - and least stressful - way to address this question.

Can you apply guests' names to invitations for me?

Yes, we can do this for you if you supply us with the guest list of names and addresses. We do make an additional charge per invitation or card for this service and we will let you know how much that will cost along with the other cost details before you decide to go ahead with an order.

How quickly can you make my order?

That's a tricky question to answer definitively. The time taken to complete an order depends on a number of factors, such as the availability of materials (e.g. we may need to order-in specific colours or styles of invitation or card or ribbon etc), the time taken to confirm the final details of your stationery and also how busy we are at the time you ask the question!

Normally, we find the whole process from first contact to final delivery is spread over a number of weeks or even months.

If you tell us that your order is urgent when you first contact us, we will do what we can to expedite design, production and delivery but if we are clear that we can't meet your timescales, we will let you know right away.

What are your delivery charges?

The expected charges for delivery of your order(s) will be detailed as part of the discussions about your order requirements since all orders are slightly different. Some orders are completed in a single delivery, some take more than one delivery (e.g. Save The Date cards followed months later by Invitations etc). Simple orders placed through Etsy have the delivery charges detailed with each product on our Etsy shop.

Details of our delivery terms and conditions are given in our Delivery Policy document.

If you require enhanced delivery of your order, (e.g. next-day delivery before 12-noon in the UK), as opposed to standard delivery, we will let you know how much extra this will cost you when you place your order.

Do you have a shop? Can I visit you?

We don’t have a shop as we are a home-based business. However, all of our work is done in a garden building – The Cherry Tree-House! We are always very happy for customers and potential customers that live locally to come and visit with Lynne and discuss their ideas and requirements.

If you want to visit, please arrange it with us in advance and keep in mind that any visit must be in accordance with the Scottish Government Coronavirus regulations and guidelines that are in operation at the time.

Can I see my order before I pay for it?

Yes. We will usually send you photos of any prototypes we create based on your instructions, plus we usually send proof copies of each product type to you for checking before we begin production of your order.

See also “What is the process for ordering stationery?” question on this FAQ page.

Can you make an invitation I've seen elsewhere?

From time to time, customers approach us to see if we can recreate an invitation based on a picture or design they’ve seen elsewhere. This is OK in so far as an image or design feature has inspired a customer to decide how they would like their own wedding stationery to look.

What we cannot do is copy someone else’s work – there are potential legal implications of copyright and intellectual property rights breaches and it's unethical. We know that we don't like this happening to us (and it has!) so we will always take great care in this regard. We hope you will understand.

Where can I see your terms and conditions?

We think it is very important for all of our customers to be clear on the terms and conditions that regulate the contract for sale and supply of any of our products and services, before committing to signing a contract with us.

To that end, we always supply copies of our Terms & Conditions of Sale, Delivery Policy and Returns Policy to customers along with their contract paperwork and we ask you to read through these documents carefully and make sure you understand them before signing the contract document and returning a copy to us.

You can view these documents at any time by following the link to our Legal page. If you have any specific questions relating to any of our terms and conditions or policies, please just get in touch.

Your statutory rights as a consumer are unaffected by our terms and conditions or policies.

Will you design my stationery for me?

Good news! Yes, we will! We do need some basic information from you to help us understand what it is you want and we always need a note of the all-important names, dates, times and places but a fair number of our customers don’t have a detailed, settled idea of what the finished product will look like when they first get in touch with us.

So, don’t worry, we can help with this.

Have a question you don't see in this FAQ?

No problem! Just get in touch and ask away.