About Us 

Who is behind Cherry Tree Card Company?

Back in 2014, when Lynne and her then-fiancé, Craig, were planning their wedding for that July, she noted that the lovely wedding invitations they had purchased were something ‘she could make herself’. No-one doubted it for a moment but the idea remained just an idea at that time.

Fast-forward just over four years to 2018 and the opportunity for voluntary redundancy presented itself, which Lynne gladly embraced. Given that Craig planned to take early retirement in 2019, Lynne’s idea to start her own wedding stationery business became a plan which became Cherry Tree Card Company.

Now established as a sole-trader business, Lynne has proved that she can indeed produce high-quality, personalised wedding stationery, drawing on her creative talent and 20-plus years of business admin and customer service experience.

Assisted, (ably or otherwise), by her husband, Lynne is proud to own and direct her company and offer a professional and personal service that’s focussed on delivering excellent products and customer service at a fair price.

Moral support – and floof – is provided by pod-doggos, Marley and Daisy the Golden Retrievers and Leo, the rambunctious red Cocker Spaniel.

You are always assured a warm welcome at the Cherry Tree-House, whether you want one or not!

Craig looks after the admin functions for the business. Keeping the books in order and looking after the really technical stuff like making the boss’s caramel lattes just the way she likes them is his primary function.

With the promise of inheriting the Cherry Tree-House to be his very own man-cave once Lynne has finally hung-up her very expensive craft scissors for the last time, Craig is happy to do what he can to support Lynne with her business.

He holds the distinction of being the only member of the entire family that is allowed to buy greetings cards from somewhere that isn’t Cherry Tree Card Company, based on the wholly reasonable assumption that asking Lynne to make her own birthday card is probably not conducive to his continued good health.

Welcome to the Cherry Tree-House
Pod in winter
Lynne at work on acrylics
Leo keeping watch
Pod doggos welcome you
inspector Leo
Pod in summer
Love lives here